High Performance > 300°F

Ensinger Precision's High Performance Category consists of materials designed to withstand the most severe environments. Lighter than most metals, these materials offer weight savings that have the potential to drive lower cost systems. These products also typically have significant resistance to harsh chemicals, and of course the ability to survive and perform in extreme environments.

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK®

PEEK is available in a variety of grades to suit your particular situation. Ensinger Precision Components utilizes Victrex® PEEK polymer in all of our products

It is an excellent material for a wide spectrum of applications for higher strength and stiffness as well as high ductility. » Read more

TECAPEEK GF30 is Ensinger's 30% glass fiber reinforced TECAPEEK product. It offers enhanced mechanical and thermal properties over those of our basic TECAPEEK offering. » Read more

TECAPEEK CF30 is a 30% carbon filled version of Ensinger's standard TECAPEEK which offers improved strength and stiffness. » Read more