A Global supplier of high performance thermoplastics offering multiple fabrication solutions throughout the U.S. and the world. Ensinger Precision Components located in Putnam Connecticut offers injection molding services of engineering and high performance thermoplastic components, PEEK Tubes, Stock Shapes, and the Plastock® line of mechanical drive and conveyor components.

Custom Injection Molding

Custom components injection molded to customer specifications from engineering and high performance thermoplastics. Markets include Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Medical, Food Processing, Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture and Business Equipment. AS9100 Certified.

PEEK Tubes

Injection molded PEEK Tubes in sizes from 1” to 7.0” OD and 3” and 6” Lengths. Materials include a wide range of standard and specialty PEEK compounds as well as low spring glass filled for split seal applications. We run high quality Victrex materials in all of our standard products. We also offer DCMS® PEEK Tubes in both Unfilled and Glass Filled PEEK. OD capabilities are 3.00” to 12.25”.

Stock Shapes

Injection molded stock shapes including; rod, squares, discs and bushings available for material testing pre-mold construction and low volume part machining.

Plastock® Mechanical Drive Components

Plastock® mechanical drive components including Timing Belt Pulleys, Timing Belts, Roller Chain, Roller Chain Sprockets and Spur Gears.

Plastock® Conveyor Components

Plastock® conveyor components including Drag Chain; 16D, 23D, 26D and NH78. Straight and Radius running conveyor chain.